Before hair transplantation

Before hair transplantation, please let us know about your medical issues and medications you use. If you have any health problems, please get a consultation from your doctor about your planned hair transplantation operation.


After hair transplant operation

After hair transplantation operation you will have a bandage on your donor part and a hairband around your forehead to avoid the swelling on your face. You will see small scabs in recipient area and small red holes on the donor area that will heal within 15 days.You may feel some swelling, itching and mild pain for a couple of days after the hair transplant operation.


Post Operative Hair Wash

Washing will help remove scabs and help with the healing process. We will reccomend you a shampoo and a lotion for hair wash procedure. 3 days after hair transplant operation you should start post-transplant hair washing process and follow the instructions once a day for 15 days.