Beard and Mustache Transplant

Beard and mustache are important complements sometimes even fundamental to the masculine appearance of a man. They completely change the appearance and expression of the face, giving it a manly appearance and style. For a considerable period of time, the beard was conceived as a sign of neglect of the external appearance of man. Today, with the rise of social networks, the thick beard is becoming the definition of masculinity and attraction. Having a chin and a hairless face then, leads to thinking directly about the beard and mustache transplant.

What is Beard transplant?

The beard transplant procedure consists essentially in taking follicles (Grafts) from the donor area (the back of the head) or from the part under the chin – the density of which is sufficient for the successful transplantation – and having them reimplanted into the empty parts of the beard and /or mustache, in order to have a thick, manly and full appearance.

The beard and mustache transplant takes place under local anesthesia. That is, the procedure is completely painless. The only technique that promises the most natural and permanent results, is the Sapphire technique. The extraction of the follicles by the micromotor and the opening of the canals by the Sapphire blades – which make it possible to make fine, exact and super precise incisions – guarantees a natural transplant and a safe and rapid recovery as a result.

This procedure takes longer -about 8 hours- than hair transplantation, considering the sensitivity of the transplant area. It requires a high qualification of the surgeon who practices it.

What are the benefits of beard and mustache transplant?

By having a beard and/or mustache transplanted, self-confidence and self-esteem are significantly higher and solid.

You can finally have a beard and/or a mustache that is denser and more natural. After the beard transplant healing –which is relatively easier and faster than the hair transplant healing – the person can style and shape his beard, mustache, paws and overall appearance as he pleases.

No scarring is visible once it is well healed. The person can resume his daily life (Return to work) after 3-4 days, maximum 1 week.